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Why WordPress?

I get this question a lot, even when I didn’t fully understand how this content management system software worked. Now that I do, I would still pick WordPress {WP} 80% of the time. If you do not know, this is an open source software for publishing (blogs, websites, applications) on the web.

Here are some reasons why you should pick WordPress to build your website or blog on:
  • WordPress is scalable: You can start small, have an informational site with nothing but a contact form or landing page, and grow into a full-scale online shop, directory, membership website, and more. Isn’t that great
  • WordPress is not easy: Were you expecting me to say otherwise? Learning WP requires some commitment from your end if you plan to Do-it-Yourself, but guess what? In the end, it is worth the whole 9 yards. And the why is simple, learning WP puts you in charge of your website.
  • WordPress can function like an app, too: Yes, it can; tell me something, what do you do to applications you do not make use of at least once a month on your phone? I know I remove them. If your website content is valuable enough, your audience can add your site to their phone to function like an app with what we call a Progressive Web App plugin.
  • WordPress is secure: I know some people say otherwise, but let me ask you, is your smartphone safe to use? Why do smartphones sometimes gets hacked? Perhaps you clicked on spam links or run outdated apps; WP works; similarly, hence you need to protect your website, as you would protect your smartphone.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly: Want to learn about keywords, positioning, organic search, advertising, marketing? WordPress plugins dedicated to SEO would teach you faster how to optimize your website.

Not to forget the most important factor for why WordPress? The Open Source WordPress software is powered by a Community of over a thousand humans. This humans contribute to the WordPress Open Source Project every day in different ways. When it comes to finding guidance, help and support from a community these professionals, you won’t have to look for too long.

So why not WordPress?

Got questions or further thoughts on this, mail me, let us talk. Are you looking to migrate to a reliable host for your WordPress website? Talk to us.

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