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Our Beginnings

Gbefunwa, a Managed WordPress Hosting for Africans was launched in February 2021 by Gat Labs Limited, duly registered in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Gbefunwa is set up to provide Managed WordPress Hosting, domain registration, and premium support services tailored for Nigerians, and Africans.

Our Core Values

Knowledge Sharing – A person can never stop learning, we believe the more we share useful knowledge, the better we become as humans, as a team and as a company.

Outstanding Support – We want all our customers to focus on what matters most, their business.

Teamwork: By helping each other and working together, we are able to serve the needs of our customers, in the best possible way.

Our Team

Tunbosun Ayinla - Founder Gbefunwa

Tunbosun Ayinla


Tunbosun is a WordPress Developer with over 10 years of experience building Plugins and Themes in the Open Source Industry.

Mary Job


Mary is a WordPress advocate and Community Builder with over 8 years of experience in the Open Source Industry. Mary believes everyone should own and run a personal blog.

Job Mary M - Co-Founder, Gbefunwa

Deborah Oludimi

Content Writer & Editor

Deborah is an experienced content writer with 3+ years of experience. She is skilled in research, writing, and editing to produce high-quality, engaging content across industries. Deborah is passionate about creating content that informs and inspires.

Daniel Mabadeje

PHP & Laravel Developer

Daniel is a PHP developer specializing in Laravel development, WordPress plugins, and backend technologies. With 4+ years of experience, he excels in delivering efficient and scalable web solutions. He is passionate about problem-solving and maintaining clean, high-quality code.

Daniel Mabadeje PHP Developer at Gat Labs & How Do You Tech Ltd
Olumide Shode WordPress Developer at Gat Labs

Olumide Shode

PHP & Laravel Developer

Olumide is a full-stack software developer who loves the way technology can be leveraged to solve problems and make life easier. This passion led to her pathway into software development 5 years ago while studying English at the University of Lagos.

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