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What is WordPress 6.5 “Regina”?

WordPress 6.5 “Regina” is the latest version of WordPress, inspired by the dynamic versatility of renowned jazz violinist Regina Carter. This version offers new and improved ways to fine-tune and enhance your site-building experience.

Key Features of WordPress 6.5 “Regina”

Font Library

The Font Library allows you to add and manage fonts across your site without coding or extra steps. You can effortlessly install, remove, and activate local and Google Fonts across your site for any Block theme.


You can get more from your revisions, including revisions for templates and template parts. Work through creative projects with a more comprehensive picture of what’s been done—and what you can fall back on.

Enhanced Background and Shadow Tools

You can control the size, repeat, and focal point options for background images in Group blocks. Set aspect ratios for Cover block images and easily add color overlays that automatically source color from your chosen image.

Data Views

Every piece of your site comes with a library of information and data—now, you can find what you need quickly and organize it however you like. Data views for pages, templates, patterns, and template parts let you see data in a table or grid view, with the option to toggle fields and make bulk changes.

Smoother Drag-and-Drop

You can feel the difference when you move things around, with helpful visual cues like displaced items in List View or frictionless dragging to anywhere in your workspace—from beginning to end.

Improved Link Controls

You can create and manage links easily with a more intuitive link-building experience, like a streamlined UI and a shortcut for copying links.

What’s New for Developers in 6.5

Interactivity API

The Interactivity API offers developers a standardized method for building interactive front-end experiences with blocks. It simplifies the process, with fewer dependencies on external tooling, while maintaining optimal performance.

Block Bindings API

Link core block attributes to custom fields and use the value of custom fields without creating custom blocks. Powered by the Block Bindings API, developers can extend this capability further to connect blocks to any dynamic content—even beyond custom fields.

Appearance Tools to Classic Themes

Give designers and creators using Classic themes access to an upgraded design experience. Opt in to support for spacing, border, typography, and color options, even without using theme.json.

Plugin Experience

There’s now an easier way to manage plugin dependencies. Plugin authors can supply a new `Requires Plugins` header with a comma-separated list of required plugin slugs, presenting users with links to install and activate those plugins first.

Performance Updates

This release includes 110+ performance updates, resulting in an impressive increase in speed and efficiency across the Post Editor and Site Editor. Loading is over two times faster than in 6.4, with input processing speed up to five times faster than the previous release.

Accessibility Improvements

This release includes more than 65 accessibility improvements across the platform, making it more accessible than ever. It contains an important fix that unblocks access to the admin submenus for screen reader users and others who navigate by keyboard.

To conclude, WordPress 6.5 “Regina” is a significant update that offers many exciting features and improvements. The new Font Library, Interactivity API, and Block Bindings API are just a few of the many enhancements that make this update worth exploring. With its focus on performance, accessibility, and user experience, WordPress 6.5 “Regina” is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a fast, secure, and engaging website.

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