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Seamless Web Hosting Experience: Mrs. Osikoya’s Journey with Gbefunwa

Mrs Osikoya runs a Counseling service that is garnered at ensuring thriving families by counseling children, supporting parents, and making them “happier as individuals and as a family, impacting and influencing their immediate world.” Mrs Osikoya’s business, Trusted Support Counseling Services, migrated to Gbefunwa after her previous service providers dropped the ball, almost causing harm to her business’ online presence. We had a chat with her, and here’s what she had to say so far about her experience using our services. 

How would you describe yourself or your business in one sentence?

We run a mental health and counseling Service for individuals, and families. 

What is your main goal for your website?

To enrich the lives of our clients and potential clients

What has your experience been of hosting your website with us at Gbefunwa?

Really, it has been fantastic and seamless

Where did you first hear about us?

I heard about Gbefunwa’s services from a friend

Why did you choose to use our Gbefunwa as your website host?

That friend I spoke about earlier, recommended Gbefunwa to me as the best, and she was right!

Have you used another web host in the past? How would you compare the service we render to your previous or other web hosts?

Yes I have. And I can’t even compare, it was rubbish. With the previous web host, I had no autonomy over my site, the customer service and response time was very horrible. So whenever I had an issue with my site, I could not fix it, and I had to wait days on end for a response. 

How would you describe your checkout experience with Gbefunwa? Was it easy to purchase any of our services?

Yes, it was very easy.

Do you feel our services are worth the cost?

Yes I do. 

What do you like most about the services we render at Gbefunwa?

First and foremost for me is reliability, then prompt responses whenever I have issues. 

How likely are you to recommend our services? 

Very likely

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Keep it up

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Considering a hosting service for your business, portfolio, blog et al? Sign up at Gbefunwa today. 

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