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Use a custom domain

All WordPress websites created on Gbefunwa have a default URL that ends with

When setting up your WordPress website you will be able to set the subdomain that will be used for your default URL. An example of a default URL is

After your website is set up you can assess it using the default URL ( pending when you switch to using your custom domain (e.g.

To use a custom domain, you need to have a domain already registered or register a new domain that you want to use.

If you want to register a new domain, you can do that on your Gbefunwa Dashboard.

Once you have the custom domain you want to use for your website, you need to carry out two steps to be able to use this custom domain for your website:

  1. Add an ALIAS record to your custom domain DNS
  2. Add the custom domain to your website on Gbefunwa

Note that if you are using a subdomain, you are to add only a CNAME record, not an alias record, for example,

Step 1. Disable Domain Parking

This step only applies if your domain was bought on our website, if not, skip to Step 2, please.

On your Gbefunwa account dashboard

  • Go to Domains > Registered Domains
  • Click on “Manage” in front of the custom domain name you want to use
  • Scroll down to “Tools” section
  • Click on “Domain Parking”
  • Toggle off the option to “Enable Domain Parking for this Domain”
  • Proceed to Step 2

Step 2. Add an ALIAS Record To Your Custom Domain DNS


  • If you prefer to manage the DNS records for your domain on Gbefunwa, you need to add the domain on the Gbefunwa DNS page
Add Domain -
  • If your DNS provider does not support ALIAS/ANAME Record, kindly contact us for further assistance.

On your Gbefunwa Dashboard:

  • Click on “Gbefunwa DNS
Click on Gbefunwa DNS
  • Click on “Manage DNS” in front of the domain you want to use
Click on Manage DNS
  • Scroll down to “ALIAS Records”, and click on “Add ALIAS Record
Add ALIAS Records -
  • Type in the values below to point your custom domain to your temporary URL
If using as your custom domain
  • Click on “Save”

If you want to use a subdomain, such as; as your custom domain, follow the steps to add a CNAME Record.

Type in the details and save
If using as your custom domain

You can also get the CNAME/ALIAS from your website management area on Gbefunwa.

Change website domain
Website CNAME

Step 3. Add The Custom Domain To Your Website on Gbefunwa

After adding the ALIAS/CNAME record on your custom domain management area, you need to add the custom domain, to your website on Gbefunwa.

  • Go back to your “Gbefunwa Dashboard” area
  • Click on “Sites
  • Click on “Manage” in front of the domain name you want to add
  • Click on “Change Domain
  • Scroll down to the “Add New Domain” section
  • Type in your domain name
  • Click on “Add Domain” to ensure your website can now be accessed using your custom domain
  • Scroll up to the domain added and click on “Make Primary
Add domain on

That’s it. Your site is now live at your custom domain! Run into troubles? Chat with us!

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