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Keeping Up with WordPress in 2023: Are You Ready for the Ride?

Three months into the year 2023, the WordPress community is charging ahead like a runaway train, making good on its resolution to outdo itself in every way. So, how about you? Are you keeping up or falling behind? Buckle up and let’s take a ride through the highlights of February and see what March 2023 has in store for us!

February Ended with a Bang

The WordPress community wrapped up February with a bang at WordCamp Asia in Bangkok. Over 1300 people attended this event, which was filled with fun, learning, and lightbulb moments. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry; you can check out over 2600 pics in the public gallery of WordCamp Asia 2023.

At the conference, the WordPress co-executive director identified three key themes: the future of themes and what it means for independent creators, the future of work in light of recent layoffs, and the future of contribution to the open-source project that we all know and love, WordPress.

WordPress at 20? We’ve Got a Party to Plan!

The WordPress community has always been big on fostering community and helping people make the most of who they are via its platform. So it’s no surprise that the community is rallying everyone to be a party planner, especially for its twentieth-year milestone. And there are plenty of ways to get involved!

First, plan meetups to help people experience WordPress and seize this opportunity to learn how to organize events, either offline or online. Check out the handbook for guidance and tips.

Second, get the buzz going on Twitter by using the #wp20 hashtag and sparking conversations on what you want to see in the next decade.

Finally, what’s a party without swag? The WordPress Anniversary website will be live in a few, but you can already get your hands on some merch, which is selling fast.

No Updates from WordPress? Tops the List of Our Impossibilities.

Early last week, WordPress 6.2 Beta 4 was released for you to test out. Unlike the first beta, which reportedly had some issues, this test version is cleaner, more functional, and has a host of other amazing features. The product is due to be fully released less than four weeks from now, on March 28th, 2023.

Gutenberg also got an upgrade with Gutenberg 15.2. This version became available for download on February 22nd and includes new and improved features such as better accessibility improvements, improved controls for featured images, and the much-requested excerpt length control. Check out the full list of features on the official website.

Events: Where You Should Be

If you’re a WordPress enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the upcoming events. Grab your tickets now for WordPress Open Camp 2023, which is coming to Africa. It’s been 17 years since WordCamp started, and every WordPress enthusiast still gets a rush of awe every single year. If you’re new here, WordCamp is a term for locally organized WordPress conferences.

This year, events are going to be held in Europe, as usual, but the scoop is that WordPress Entebbe, the first African WordCamp, is slated for March 10-11. Check out all the details on the official site.

The application to attend the 2023 Community Summit is now open to WordPress contributors. Learn more about the ins and outs of this working event in Episode 49 of WP Briefing.

And if you’re looking for a way to get involved with the WordPress community, WordCamp Europe 2023 is looking for sponsors. Be a part of this exciting event by getting in touch with the organizers.

Deals That Seem Too Good to Be True

If you’re anything like us, you’re always on the hunt for a good bargain. Well, we’ve got some deals that will have you reaching for your wallet faster than you can say “add to cart”.

Block Users, this one’s for you – the Stackable Block Plugin is now available at a lifetime deal of just $59. That’s right, for a one-time payment of $59, you’ll have access to all the snazzy features that come with this top-notch plugin. Say goodbye to clunky blocks and hello to sleek, customizable designs.

But why stop there? WP Scheduled Posts is also offering a lifetime deal starting from $39. Say goodbye to the stress of scheduling your posts in advance – this plugin will have you covered. With features like automatic sharing on social media and the ability to schedule posts down to the minute, WP Scheduled Posts is a game changer.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, how about up to 65% off pCloud’s 2TB storage for WP backups and files? This is a deal that’s simply too good to pass up. With secure, encrypted storage and easy access from anywhere, pCloud has got your backup needs covered.

That’s it today from me, until the next episode.

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