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4 Reasons To Select A Local Based Website Hosting Company

Web hosting is an essential part of any website. When choosing a host for your precious website there are many things to consider. These ranges from price, RAM, Bandwidth, CDN and allocated disk space. However, while at it, you are also presented with the opportunity to support your local economy, network with local businesses and exchange services.

These are some of the main benefits of choosing a local web hosting company: website speed, faster customer service, supporting local economy and data privacy laws.

Website Speed

The amount of time it takes for your website to load is extremely important. and it will be in your best interests to keep this number to the barest minimum.  The good folks at Backlinko found that the average time it takes to fully load a webpage is 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile.

Your web developer may have done all the tricks in the book to optimize and improve your website speed and minimize load time; but the simple fact that your hosting server is a world away can still have a high impact on your load time. Imagine having your server in Montana, US while your users are in Kano, Nigeria. The time it takes for data to be exchanged from your hosting servers and the user’s browsers can be greatly minimized if you are using a local hosting company with a server in the same country as your majority users.

Faster Customer Service

Have you ever tried to call customer support in Ukraine for a very small issue and had to wait for hours on end? Well I have, and I did not appreciate it. It was not a matter of the company having bad support but rather the sheer size of their customer base, long distance call charges, difference in time zone and the sometimes language barrier. 

Hosting your site with a local hosting company will mean faster resolution of issues because you both operate in the same time zone and you will be attended to in most of the popular languages of your country.

Support Local Economy

Wouldn’t it be better if your hosting money stays in circulation within your country? Buying locally enables us to invest directly into our local economy. By contributing to a local business, we help to preserve existing local jobs and create new skilled jobs. This also allows the

Data privacy Laws

When shopping for a hosting company, you should know that the Data Privacy Law of the country where the servers are located applies to you or your data stored there. This means if the company were to shut down due to some data privacy issues then you risk losing your data.

Hosting your website locally means your data is covered by your country’s data privacy laws. This means that in the event of any issue arising with the hosting company, the laws governing such issues will favor you.

All of the above and more, point towards the innumerable benefits of choosing a local hosting company for your website, and we have been able to convince you thus far, why not contact us today and get started.

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